Pre-holiday season and during the holidays we have the benefit of time on our hands. A lot of homes can be prewired, set-up and prepared for that all important day after Thanksgiving turn on. After the season ends our employees are working just as hard as ever in order to get all the lights taken down, organized, and back to our facility.

While we usually complete the take down in about a third of the time that it takes to put them up—we spend another 30 days after we get everything down repairing, storing and organizing our inventory for the following year. Storage techniques have always lengthened the life of our Christmas decorations and are an added convenience that prevents customers from having to find room or time to store these materials.

Christmas lighting is a time intensive job that requires that you cannot miss deadlines. The displays and lights have a thirty to forty day period of relevance. The rest of the time they are cleaned refurbished and stored for the following season.

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