Professional Christmas Light Installation

Installing Christmas lights professionally is not really a no brainer like many may think. You can view some of our work by clicking here. When you are doing a professional installation there are many things you should take into account. One of the first things that must be determined is the power supply available and how many lights can actually be run off a single power source. There is often more than one power source in a home.

Professional Christmas Decorators

Of course we are licensed to do construction projects, but also have licensed electricians to back us up to provide more power if necessary. With power sources, where there is a will there is a way.

The next thing to consider is the artistic design that we would suggest to a potential client. There are so many different options available for a client to pick from. Within each suggestion are an array of color variations and new technology.

LED Christmas Lighting

LED technology is part of the cutting edge of the new technology. Learn more about LED by clicking here. Being one of the largest decorators in SC we are constantly being approached by electronic producers to show us some of the fanciest gadgets and newest technology. Every year we experiment with this new technology by using it in a few select customers’ estates.

This gives us an opportunity to see how it responds and holds up during the Christmas season. If it has been a favorable experience we will expand that product line to more people. It is amazing how many products are available in the holiday decorating business. To see some of our displays you can click here.

Christmas Decorating Service

After we have tackled the power, design and material to be used on the project we must work extremely hard and long to get these lights up and working properly before Thanksgiving.   This gives our customers the holiday experience they are expecting as they are able to turn on their lights hassle free for their enjoyment.

Christmas Decoration Installation

To install these decorations we have variety of different clips, fasteners, and attachments to secure the decorations to the home, business, or objects. These fasteners will enable us to put up a display without having to use nails or staples which could compromise the construction of the home or object.

We also have a variety of special safety equipment and tools which help us to manage the most difficult of projects. These include: safety ropes, harnesses, an aerial hydraulic lift, many different size latters, and hardworking individuals that understand the decorating business.

To summarize the above – our professional installation is comprised of high grade material, artistic design work, cutting edge technology, the ability to get the job done, dedicated employees and a high safety standard.

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