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Big and Tall Christmas Trees

Are you in charge of securing a large Christmas tree for your business or municipality? At first glance, the cost of renting a large Christmas tree may seem expensive, but I’ll attempt to convince you why it’s usually the most cost effective. Are you a city, state, park, municipality, or shopping complex?

Huge Christmas Tree with RGB Lighting

Our largest Christmas tree is a 50 foot tall RGB lit Christmas tree which comes fully decorated. This tree is massive. When the height of a home is about 40 feet, this tree will tower above it. It is a great tree for a cities’ Christmas Display or even for private businesses -like a car dealership. We’ve placed them at busy intersections and at major entrances, places where you want people to stop and say, “WOW!” The RGB lights are wi-fi controlled so you can change colors for whatever you desire. Our RGB lights have programming so lights can be custom made to fit any design concepts.

Christmas Window Decoration with Scroll Text or Images

We also have a Windows package that comes with a 10’x20’ sign which will scroll text or images digitally. We upload videos to play on it. The large Christmas tree can also be made to play letters, but they have to be big letters, like 10 or 15 foot letters, if you want to put words on a tree. That’s because the tree’s definition isn’t as good as the screen. The tree’s grid is 12 inch x 12 inch, while the screen’s grid is 3 inch x 3 inch pixel, so we wouldn’t have the ability to show crisp pictures, but big block text works just fine. The imagery and colors change with a variety of pre-set preferences on both the screen and the 50’ RGB Tree.

50 Ft Tree

50’ tree come with custom 10 inch ornaments. A municipality, park, or a major corporation can afford to have a tree like this. It takes about 2 weeks to install it, plus heavy equipment, forklift, Arbil lift as well as programming and set-up. This tree rents for $32,000.

Giant Christmas Lights

If someone tries to buy a 50 foot tree it would cost around $100,000 to include tree plus the installation to put it up and then the storage and delivery costs involved. Renting a tree for $32,000 for the season may appear expensive, but once you look into the actual cost involved in attaining the 50’ tree, ornaments, lights, equipment and installation, rental makes a lot of sense. This particular 50’ tree was originally used by a very famous theme park, no names mentioned, but let’s just say there was a lot of money that went into attaining it. Obviously, theme parks have the budget for this and make sure to order it early before the season gets busy.

30 Foot Christmas Tree with Warm White Lights or Custom Colors

Our 30’ tree is a panel tree. It is a more affordable rental option. It is $12,000 for the season and does not require heavy equipment and only takes about two days for installation. It has warm white lights, but custom colors are available. It would require a bulb change, but could become any color you want. It isn’t a fully animated tree, but in certain circumstances with enough time, it could be made into a fully animated tree. For example, it could be relit with RGB lights for customized orders. It does have a pretty cool animated star-burst topper.

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